Starting, Expanding, or Acquiring a Restaurant or Hospitality Business.

We will help you with everything you need, including:

  1. Fine-tuning your concept, providing a road map from inception to opening, and developing your business plan.
  2. Locating your site, evaluating site demographics, assessing site and building conditions, and analyzing permitting and zoning requirements.
  3. Negotiating your letter of intent, lease, or real estate acquisition agreements.
  4. Identifying sources of funding (private investment, institutional lending, governmental assistance), negotiating your financing terms and agreements.
  5. Guiding the design and buildout of your restaurant or other business, including helping you choose a design and construction team, and supervising and coordinating the buildout.
  6. Working to secure your liquor and other applicable licenses.
  7. Developing and implementing your financial operating and human resource systems, including identification of financial, IT, human resources, operational tools and vendors.
  8. Guiding your marketing and public relations efforts, with website and social media assistance.

Improving Existing Operations and Systems.

One never sleeps in the restaurant and hospitality industry. There’s always room to make your establishment better. We can help with:

  1. Evaluating your existing systems and implementing a variety of strategies to maximize the efficiency of your establishment, including with respect to your financial and human resources systems, payroll, IT strategies, and other operational systems.
  2. Reviewing your current marketing strategies and helping to improve your marketing metrics using a variety of digital and other methods of promoting your business.
  3. Helping to keep you current with required annual filings, license and lease renewals.
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Emerging from COVID-19 and Keeping the Pandemic in Mind.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be loosening its grip on the economy and the hospitality industry in particular, business owners must learn the lessons from our COVID response to be prepared for the next unexpected circumstances.

Without letting COVID-19 out of your rearview mirror, we can help you move forward by:

  1. Ensuring that your agreements with your landlord, lenders, and vendors have been negotiated to contemplate future economic adversity due to public health, climate, or other disasters over which we have no control.
  2. Helping you obtain any new governmental assistance that you may be eligible for, and winding up paperwork for existing governmental financial assistance that you may have received.
  3. Alerting you to applicable governmental requirements and guidance, and helping you to implement best financial and operational practices that focus on safety, health, and the dining experience for guests and employees.

Troubleshooting During Bad Times and Good.

Whether the skies are cloudy or fair, your business may run into trouble. Whether the problems relate to your landlord, lender, investors, or employees, whether you’ve run afoul of a regulatory requirement, or have disputes with your fellow business partners, we can advise you of available options and work to resolve the problems in the most strategically efficient and low cost way.